In our journey, which started with a workshop in 2003, today we reached 54 countries with our Rising brand.

We change the way of doing the business in this sector with our knowledge and belief, we produce and developed in order to contribute to the world.

We started in a small workshop in Istanbul in 2003 in order to bring a professional and architectural vision to the field of retractable pergolas, bioclimatic pergolas and awning systems and to contribute to the national economy by adding richness and functionality to the living spaces.

Our desire to produce better quality, our experience and our beliefs in our knowledge has enabled us to show the courage to step into the sector where there are deep-rooted and powerful companies.

By following the technology, working hard and always making our customers our priority, we managed to reach the size to export to 54 countries from a small workshop to a large production facility of 20,000 sqm in a short time.

As Rising Global, we have adopted the sustainable management approach from its first day, and in this context, we have considered contributing to the world with our time-keeping, accountable and environmentally friendly production approach as our priority.

It's not only the way to succeed also with our equal and participatory management model, but we have also changed the rules in the industry and guided the industry with our female managers who are in the management team for the first time.

A vision that changed the way of doing business. We thank you for not leaving us alone while on this journey that has started as a vision and developed into multi-million dollar company.

We will continue to produce, grow and shape and their children to come.

Respect for life is our most important responsibility.

Our Values

As we grow our business, we believe that we must not harm nature and living things and design all our products accordingly. We carry out environmentally friendly production and testings with our handcrafted working model by keeping the operating costs to an optimum and preventing waste, has helped to reduce the risk.

Developing and contributing to our nation and the world we live in is our top priority.

We start every day with the awareness of learning, development and contributing to the society in which we live for a livable future that we can leave to our children, and with this responsibility we manage all our processes. In addition to contributing to the economy, we are developing and developing to shape the future of our country and our children through our investments in technology.

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