Look at the natural light of your outdoor design with the Bioclimatic Pergola system. While enjoying your peaceful moments under the bioclimatic pergola system designed by taking advantage of the natural flow of air, you can ensure the passage of fresh air with a single button. Supported with different options, the Bioclimatic Pergola System is designed for you to use freely while sipping your coffee under the rain in winter or reading your newspaper in the summer sun.

Do you want to experience the snowfall in a warm environment on your terrace or do you want to listen to the music you want in the spring months in your garden without the need for any equipment? It is possible to realize all these and more with the Bioclimatic system, which also includes integrated lighting and sound systems. Bioclimatic Pergola System, which offers a living space beyond your dreams, has presented B-CUBE Bioclimatic Pergola Systems to its valuable customers as of 2018 as a result of our 2-year R&D work. 


Galaxy B cube undertakes the most reliability level that any pergola System can ever achieve. How would you like to sit safely in the garden of your villa with only 4 carrying posts or have your guests taste their cocktails at the poolside of your hotel?

With B Cube, which is the most ideal pergola system for large area coverings, you can confidently put your signature on outdoor concert events. You can host your friends for a pleasant dinner in your garden with different lighting or you can make your special days even more special with ambient lighting, with the light system surrounding the four carriers.


In the B Cube family of the pergola system, B Cube Space stands out with its system structure that is mounted on a flat area and supported by carrier pillars from the front. If you have a large area in outdoor design, the B Cube Space model is for you. It will be possible to transform your private living-space into a visual light feast thanks to the ambient lighting (RGB), while supporting it with front carrier pillars provides an extra safe outdoor use. It is not impossible to experience 3 different moods under the roof of the B Cube Space pergola, where 3 different light systems can be used at the same time. The model, in which the rotating panel structure can be adjusted from zero degrees to 120 degrees, will also save you time with its ease of use.


If you say that “let me host my friends in my garden in a comfortable and stylish ambiance” but it forces you too pen and close the pergola, it’s time to say goodbye to this thought with the B Cube Classic. B Cube Classic is a product that combines aesthetics with power and adds value to your space with its panel technology that can reach 80 degrees inclination and rotate while retracting. You can now host your loved-ones in your detached garden, even in stormy weather, with B Cube Classic, which combines lighting and ergonomics with naturalness. The B-Cube pergola system, which is produced to with stand-harsh weather conditions, will be your most reliable supporter in your outdoor living space.


If you have a free spirit and do not like stability, the B Cube Freedom pergola system will support your Outlook on life. Freedom stands out as a self-sufficient product in the B Cube pergola family that can stand on 4 legs. The fact that it can stand on its own feet without the need for any building or construction support makes our freedom model easily distinguishable among B-Cube family members. With its self-sufficient but durable, free and modern stance, our B-Cube Freedom model offers you ease of use with it one-button opening and closing and rotating while opening, like other B-Cube family members. Making outdoor spaces safe thanks to its durable construction system, B-Cube pergola family promises you a “freedom”, ergonomics, a convenience and a style. 


How about capturing the dynamism of the city in your private living space with the B-Cube Urban pergola system? Our “Urban Model”, which is included in the B Cube pergola system family, is fixed on a flat surface and supported by a hanger. While entering your private property, it is possible to catch movement with the B-Cube Urban model or to add harmony to your restaurant in front of Street you operate. Unlike other models in the B-Cube family, our urban model has 3 sides separated into water carrier gutter profiles.


All that eternity needs is existence. Our “Infinity” model in the B Cube pergola family needs a carrier construction that is ready to reflect its infinity. Unlike other models of the B-Cube family, “Infinity” is able to gather your separate rooms in your private living-space in under a single roof from the outside. By mounting rail profiles and panel profiles between the intermediate records of the wooden or iron carrier structure in the existing area, your area of use can be opened or closed as you wish.

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