We produce solutions for you to safely carry your outdoor living spaces to the future with the Rising pergola tent systems. One solution that we produce from them is Subulate Tectona. With this system, you can open and close an area of 135 square meters. While Subulate Tectona can expand 10 meters without the need for a support profile, it can work in harmony with optional glass system and similar closing options. You feel safe and strong inside your home, don’t you? Would you like experience this feeling in your outer living space as well? Who would not want to safely extend a family garden breakfast until dinner in the warm spring months? With the power and magnificence of Subulate Tectona, it is possible to do all this easily.


Subulate Minima pergola will be one of your durable supporters for you, when you limit the material and spiritual elements in your life according to your needs and want more focus, freedom of movement and living comfort. Subulate Minima pergola, besides containing many functional details, can be produced as flat opening, half or full oval according to your wishes. It can be closed with insulating glass systems or motorized curtain systems. Do you want to celebrate your child’s birthday privately and safely in your garden or do you want to organize a stylish bazaar by the poolside of your hotel? With Subulate Minima, it is possible to do these things by protecting yourself from the sun in the summer and ignoring the pouring rain in the winter.


Would you like to host your guests safely on your hotel terrace with a forest view, or add elegance to your outdoor living space by sitting comfortably by the pool with your family regardless of the rain and heat? You can reach all and more with Falcate Tectona.

Would you like to make your wedding ceremony, which is your most special moment, more special? Falcate Tectona pergola makes this request possible with its half oval option. Your uniqueness is safe under the roof of tectona.


Falcate Minima is designed to add functionality to your living space while working in harmony with two different types of our lighting systems. The pergola system, which you can see in half-oval form offers not only many functional details but also reliable solutions that can be produced in three different forms and can be used in all four seasons. With Falcate Minima, it is possible to bring elegance to your outdoor living-space in accordance with your budget. Enjoying accessible elegance while hosting your guests with pleasure and confidence under the falcate minima will make you feel special.


We have added to the options of full-oval to our pergola systems by taking into account that Quality and elegancy make difference in every period. When you would like to see the sky or enjoy the rain by reading a book in your external living-space, you can experience each of them under your Unifoliate Tectona System. It has never been to be easy to make difference with details. We produce in order to put reliable, natural and elegant solutions in to your external living-space.


Unifoliate Minima pergola has been designed to put in more functionality in your living-place while it works in a harmony of two sorts of our lightning systems. What about to be feeling of that the sky is under your feet thanks to your Unifoliate Minima pergola while you are resting in the evening in your external living-place?

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